Tailored Media Training

Clear, effective communication has never been so important

Be it with investors, partners, the media, the public, or internally, good communication is essential in the field of human health and medical technology. Understanding that every company faces different challenges, we tailor media training programmes specifically to suit our clients.

We offer training in French and English.


Technology-driven change

Just as medical and health solutions have become more technology-driven, so too has communication. Filmed interviews, radio and podcasts, online meetings, presentations, international events, company videos, training videos, and live in-the-moment communication—mastery of these now common communication modes requires a specific set of skills.


A new demand for effective communication

The ability to communicate important ideas appropriately is simple with the right know-how, but not necessarily intuitive. This is why seasoned public speakers might struggle with filmed interviews, or why passionate public relations employees might find internal communication a challenge. 

Yet, few companies invest properly in media training. 

This means they are not reaching their potential in terms of impact. Just 5-10 hours of media training can be transformative for the way a company, individual, or their message is perceived. It could mean the difference between winning an investment, gaining public trust, and appearing competent—or not. 

We can help you

  • Communicate your message effectively to stakeholders, internal parties, and the public

  • Hone your verbal and non-verbal communication, persuasion, and technical skills to increase your impact

  • Feel confident to engage with journalists in live interviews and broadcasts, among others

  • Streamline your message and help to structure presentations, scripts, and internal documentation during the writing phase

  • Strike the appropriate balance between competency and warmth according to your target audience


Our unique service

We offer the skill sets needed to engage with employees, partners, stakeholders, policy makers, and the public. We create tailored media training strategies for each individual client, which can include the following*:


Public speaking training

Camera competencies training 

Voice recording training 

Live communication training 

Internal communications training

Disaster training


*Sessions can include, but are not limited to:

  • Storytelling training to help shape your message and deliver it in the most engaging way possible, from the writing phase to the delivery phase

  • Stress and confidence training to overcome common fears and help you excel as a communicator 

  • Acting training to complement confident and generous communication that involves an audience

  • Body language and gesture training, drawing on social psychology and effective non-verbal communication techniques

  • Technical training, including teleprompter, microphone, camera training, as relevant 

  • Vocal training, which focuses on enhancing vocal competencies and delivering an authentic, persuasive vocal performance

Meet The Team

Nia Cason is a freelance media trainer with academic expertise in verbal and non-verbal communication. After completing a PhD in the cognitive neuroscience of music and language in 2013, she was a researcher responsible for decoding micro facial expressions and body gesture in the absence of verbal cues. After a 3-year stint as a writer for medical start-ups and pharmaceutical companies, Nia became a full-time science journalist and media trainer in 2017, for clients such as France Mines-Telecom and OpenClassrooms.


Nia is a fantastic coach and trainer. She provides informative, personalised and effective training sessions that can cover everything from confidence, script work, storytelling and everything in between. Nia has an almost superhuman ability to notice any areas of improvement and will always find a way to help take your performance to a higher level. After working with her I can without doubt say that my communication and performance skills are unrecognisable from when we first began. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

-Kevin Moran


Nia is one of these people who truly understand interdisciplinarity. I had the pleasure of working with Nia for two almost years at Openclassrooms, collaborating on numerous media training sessions and mediums for shoots for which she was to direct performers, understand who they were and what their script was about, how they could improve their delivery, and how to prepare them best for the shoots we would then take on. Since then, it seems appropriate to say that her work has been proven to be flawless. This is how we constantly felt when working with a performer she had trained beforehand, not to mention the many positive feedbacks performers also gave about her. And, when media trainings were still onsite, she sometimes came in with croissants or brioche. Talk about a motivating coach! 

-Mikael Schutz, OpenClassrooms

Nia is a great communicator, and imparts her wisdom with a relaxing and effective style that will put anyone at ease while they develop their media skills. I really enjoyed my media coaching, especially discovering how a few simple mental and physical techniques make such a positive contribution to the delivery of screencast material.

-Nigel Kendrick, Hands-on IT